About Binstar

For my design 'binstar' for Claerbout, it was an interesting challenge to combine elegance and subtlety with the requirements of a solid waste bin; robust and solid. the hexagonal shape with rounded corners gives the waste bin extra sturdiness, and yet it is precisely because of this that the design looks soft and calm in the streetscape.

Binstar is manufactured in high quality stainless steel with a guarantee of weather resistance, on the Belgian coast and even in the event of surface damage. The strong epoxy powder coating has a soft texture, but is completely scratch-resistant. the curved surface at the top gives easy and clean access to the filling opening, while it has been calculated to prevent the bin from illegal dumping. the addition of relief in the sheet steel protects the binstar against vandalism. the slow fading of the relief pattern at the top of the bin gives the whole a friendly and playful impression.


Binstar is a design full of contrasts (hard <> soft, solid <> elegant) that are always functional and reinforcing for the result.

Stefan Schöning

During the design process I took into account several variants and options for binstar:

  1. different volumes with the same consistent design language and balanced proportions
  2. waste sorting: cardboard, PMD and residual waste
  3. palette of colors that integrate well into the street scene
  4. firmly, but invisibly anchored, where variants such as a free-standing model, wall version, ... have also been elaborated
  5. for the larger formats the possibility to integrate communication (events, announcements, …)
  6. local production so that there is a flexible offer at a favorable price

Managing waste in style

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Phone: +32 51 729 105
E-mail: info@binstar.be

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