Welcome to BINSTAR

An innovation in the urban scene and public space with the Claerbout's  Binstar waste bin!

With a carefully thought-out solution to make waste management smart and not lose sight of the design, we are proud to introduce our Binstar to implant in your public domain.
Due to the numerous options, a tailor-made waste bin can be created at an attractive price.

Our Binstar is designed to withstand all weather conditions.

Stylish and durable

An innovation in the street scene and the public space with the Binstar waste bin!
The design has been carefully thought out by the architect Stefan Schöning and the comments of the workmen in the street who have to work with it every day have been taken into account.
Due to the numerous options, a tailor-made waste bin can be created completely according to the customer's wishes, without infringing on the design.

We have opted for a very durable solution to manufacture the Binstar entirely from a stainless steel frame (AISI304) and the finishing panels from stainless steel (AISI304) double-layer lacquered + optional anti-graffiti on the outside.

This makes the waste bin almost indestructible!

Made in Belgium

We want to support the local economy and have therefore chosen to keep the entire production process from sheet to finished product in Belgium.


As a result, we save a lot on transport costs and also do our bit for the environment. Binstar is therefore a complete Belgian product from design to finished waste bin

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